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Cryolipolysis is a method that causes a permanent reduction in local fat. It is a non-invasive method, approved by the Food and Drug Administration of America (FDA). It is a completely safe method, since the means to achieve the desired result is cold. There is no radiation or any chemicals. It can be applied to all areas of the body without any problems. The results are:

1. A permanent decrease of fat cells at the application area.

2. Decrease points at the application area.

Common Q + A

Which is it addressed to? It is aimed at men and women with a local fat problem.

When is the best time to do? It is a method that has no limitation, but if one wants to do it for a very specific reason (eg a wedding, for

holidays etc.) must calculate that the process is completed after 3 months.

Does it hurt? The first 3 minutes of the procedure there is an annoyance from the suction, but after 3 minutes there is no sensation.

What is the duration of the treatment? The duration of the session is 1 hour.

Should I be irritated? After the session there can be irritation from simple redness in the area to bruise, it depends on the sensitivity of each skin. Symptoms recede after a while.

Is there something to look after the treatment? After the session there is not something that needs special attention, it is good to wear comfortable clothes so that there will be no pressure to the area that the method took place.

How often do I have to do? Depending on the size of the lipozone, repetitions are also defined, their frequency being 1/3 months.

What is the result that should I expect? The result usually is 30% reduction of the fat cells in the area we work on.

Can it be combined with other treatments? Of course, it can be combined with other therapies such as pressotherapy, LPG, and RF.