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Pressotherapy is a treatment for our lymphatic system. Our lymphatic system is like the “sewer system” of our body. That’s where all the “waste” of our body ends, and especially for women, it tends to “stand” and not to move. The result of all of them? The well-known abuses, swellings. With a series of pre-shots, the results we achieve are:

1. Activation of our lymphatic system.

2. Reduce retention and reduce puffiness.

3. To remove toxins from the body.

4. Feeling of leg rest.

Common Q + A

Which is it addressed to? It is aimed at women with swellings, deprivation, and cytartitis.

When is the best time to do? Pressotherapy is a treatment that can be done all year round without any limitations.

Does it hurt? No, prescott is a process that has no pain at all.

What is the duration of the treatment? The duration of the session is 25 minutes.

After the treatment should I be irritated? After the session, you have absolutely no irritation, just like you will feel more relaxed and relaxed.

Is there something to look after the treatment? There is nothing to look after the session.

How often do I have to do? If it is the main treatment the required number of sessions is 10 with a frequency of 2 / week. If it is a complementary treatment, the number and frequency of sessions are reduced.

Can it be combined with other treatments? Of course, it can be combined with all the treatments in the clinic.