The Cocoon Duotechnology system combines two cutting-edge technologies: Cavitation and Radiofrequency , used to drastically address major aesthetic problems such as :

• local fat deposition
• cellulite
• relaxation of face and body


The principle of cavitation refers to irreversible destruction of fat cells (liposuction) and liquefaction of fat (lipolysis) with the help of special ultrasound. Damaged fat cells and excess fat follow a normal metabolic pathway and are eliminated. The Cavitation phenomenon is the most effective modern non-invasive liposculpture method and causes the destruction of fat cells in areas with excess fat.


Coccon Duotechnology uses monopolar and multipolar radio frequencies (RF) providing the ability to selectively act on any level of skin and subcutaneous fat. It heats the target tissues to the therapeutic limits, where:

1. Thermal connectivity of connective tissue (lifting effect) is achieved
2. Stimulates the production of new collagen (neocollagenesis) by fibroblasts resulting in the skin regaining its lost elasticity and firmness and wrinkles are smoothed.
3. Stimulates the process of lipolysis in adipocytes, which leads to a reduction of points and a significant improvement of cellulite


Advantages of treatment with Cocoon Duotechnology

• Dramatic reduction of cellulite and local fat
• The only solution to hard and painful cellulite
• Facelift effect
• Tightening of the skin even in the "traditional" difficult parts of the body: arms, abdomen, inner surface thigh, above the knee, neck, face contour etc.
• Non-invasive method, no recovery time
• Visible results from the first session lasting
• Safety



Face and neck lifting
Wrinkle smoothing and fight against dark circles
Double jaw reduction
Reduction of points and cellulite on the arms