At Dr Psoma Wellness Polyclinic we apply press therapy as a complementary treatment to our protocol.

Pressotherapy is a lymphatic compression technique designed to improve the circulatory system for faster detoxification with multiple health and wellness benefits. It is a revolutionary process that increases venous and lymphatic flow.

Lymphatic Pressure Massage can improve blood circulation throughout the body by increasing oxygen.
• It mobilizes the lymph and helps eliminate metabolic waste. This has the effect of activating the metabolism and at the same time improving the appearance of the cellulite cortex.
• Stimulates and stimulates the muscles and joints, and strengthens the connective tissues. Helps to relax, relax and soothe muscle spasms

Massage stimulates the sensitive points of the motor nerves, relieves stress and tension, giving a sense of well-being
• Massage increases blood supply to the skin by nourishing tissues resulting in cell regeneration and ANTI-AGING.

Who is Press Therapy for?

1) To those who want to detoxify their body.
2) To those who follow a weight loss program and want to activate their metabolism or to those who show the so-called plateau and see their scales stick.
3) To those who suffer from lymphedema of the lower extremities or congenital diseases and after their surgical rehabilitation.
Pressotherapy helps a lot both before, during and after the phases of any surgery.
4) For those who feel discomfort , fatigue or suffer from fluid retention.
5) In women with severe hormonal disorders (premenstrual syndrome, menopause) to improve fluid retention.
6) In women with cellulite. It is suitable even for those with broken vessels and varicose veins, because no heat develops.
7) For those who lead a sedentary life
8) For those who travel frequently by plane and do not move enough
9) For those who are interested for well-being, Anti-Aging and strengthening their immune system


When is the best time to do it?
Pressotherapy is a treatment that can be performed all year round without any restrictions.
Will I be in pain?
No, press therapy is a painless procedure.
How long does it take?
The session lasts 25 minutes.
Will I get irritated later? strong>
You have absolutely no irritation after the session, just as you will feel lighter and more relaxed.
What should I watch out for afterwards?
There is nothing to do be careful after the session.
Can it be combined with other treatments?
Of course, it can be combined with all medical treatments.
How often should Press Therapy be used? ;
For best results, clients are advised to take a range of treatments, ranging from 8 - 15 treatments, depending on their individual needs. Weekly treatments are recommended to achieve individualized results