Peeling is the "peeling", ie the removal of layers of the skin using various natural and chemical substances. Thus, the natural process of cell renewal and collagen production is activated. The skin - after the treatment - acquires a soft texture, radiance and firmness.

Advantages of treatment

  • Immediate reduction of freckles and discolorations.
  • Stabilization of melanin secretion.
  • Application on very sensitive skin, under medical supervision.
  • It does not cause photosensitivity and has photoprotective properties.
  • Soothing and keratolytic action against photoaging.
  • Antioxidant action.
  • Provides a matte appearance to the skin and regulates the secretions of the sebaceous glands.
  • Cleanses and tightens pores, cleanses the skin and softens its texture.
  • Moisturizing the skin.

Suitable for skin that shows:

  • spots
  • thin lines
  • acne scars
  • photoaging
  • xanthelasmas.